Meet the team

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Juan Berry

Founder Managing Partner

Juan Berry is the Principal Architect and founder of Berry Design Studio Inc. With a profound passion for architecture and an unwavering commitment to design excellence, Juan has established himself as a visionary leader in the industry. 
As the principal architect, Juan plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall direction and vision of Berry Design Studio Inc. His leadership skills inspire the team to deliver innovative and exceptional architectural solutions that surpass client expectations. 

Cristobal Anania

Architectural Project Manager

Cristobal Anania is an accomplished Project Manager and Architect at Berry Design Studio Inc., contributing significantly to the success and reputation of the firm. 
His exceptional project management abilities ensure that projects are delivered on time and within budget, while maintaining the highest standards of quality.
With a strong architectural background, Cristobal Anania plays a crucial role in the design process as well. He collaborates closely with the design team, contributing his architectural expertise to develop innovative and functional solutions.

Hamsa alsafadi

Architectural Project Manager

Hamsa Alsafadi is a talented Designer and Project Manager at Berry Design Studio Inc. With background in architecture and extensive knowledge of interior design, Hamsa brings a unique perspective to her role. 
As a Project Manager, Hamsa’s comprehensive skill set allows her to effectively oversee and coordinate projects from conception to completion. With her commitment to ongoing improvement and growth, Hamsa continues to refine her skills and deliver outstanding results.

Diego Loyo

Lead 3D Visualization Specialist

Diego Loyo is an exceptionally talented Lead 3D Visualization Specialist at Berry Design Studio Inc., bringing life and realism to architectural projects through his expertise in 3D visualization. 
His accurate virtual representations showcase the interplay of materials and textures. Diego’s deep understanding of architecture ensures his visualizations align with design intent. He constantly pushes the boundaries of 3D visualization through continuous learning and improvement.